Just in case I wasn’t clear about it; Andy Bolt is an idiot

As the proprietor of Bolt Watch I’m obliged to point out Bolt’s an idiot, even though you already knew it.

Oops! Keeping track of the site I’m posting at – Bolt Watch, Blair/Bolt Watch or Pure Poison – can be a challenge.


NSW Greens drubbed but will rebound stronger than ever

Even though there was a huge swing against Labor in New South Wales the Greens didn’t really profit. This stems in part from the fact that those naturally inclined to vote Greens are very discerning whereas traditional Labor voters are dummies who mistakenly assumed that a vote for a Greens candidate would lead to the formation of a corrupt Labor-dominated coalition government. Hence the huge swing to the reactionary Liberal party.

I have no doubt that the mass of voters with progressive leanings, most of whom are at least half as smart as me, will eventually realise that the Greens are the party of the future.


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Why does Andrew Bolt remain so popular when I’ve spent years debunking his crap?

Over the past many years I’ve continually debunked Andrew Bolt’s utter crap but he is, if anything, more popular than ever. The only thing I can figure is that so called average Australians are reactionary, simpleton bigots who actually share Bolt’s warped views.

I am deeply disappointed that having devoted what many would consider to be the best years of life to exposing Bolt’s blatant dishonesty I haven’t received the recognition due me. It just isn’t fair that i think about Bolt 24 hours a day, even dreaming about him – including nightmares that disturb the sleep of both me and my like-minded partner – yet I can count on my fingers the readers who take me seriously.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I might do to convince Australians to take me seriously? Please help: Andy’s continuing popularity is starting to get to me.

Hacked, again

Some pathetic right-winger hacked my personal blog over the weekend and introduced a link to a pissweak parody site. The link has been removed, but since I don’t quite know how they hacked my blog, please be alert for even stranger than usual things they might have introduced at my personal blog while they were there.

Contrary to rumour it is untrue that I was not hacked but rather had mistyped a link to a now retired blog in my blogroll, mistakenly adding “project” to the link. It is therefore equally untrue that my stalker/hacker simply created a new WordPress blog at the erroneous address I myself had inadvertently created. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS PROPAGANDA. I WAS HACKED.

Elsewhere I wasn’t the only progressive hacked over the weekend.

Andy Bolt compares Obama to Bush

As if  Texan wannabe cowboy George W. Bush didn’t act illegally in invading Iraq whereas Obama has the approval of the eventual one world government. Andy is so lame.

Andrew Bolt is an idiot

But you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you? What I can’t understand is his popularity; he gets a gazillion hits every month and draws comments from literally hundreds of commenters. Why? Is Australia populated by ignorant bigots?

I have rung him a few times seeking advise on how to blog but as soon as I give my name the line goes dead. Why Australians buy into Andy’s crap while ignoring my informed opinions has me stumped. Life just isn’t fair.